Having money means having options and the freedom to choose.

Money equals options

Just an hour ago a friend left my place. He opened up about his family and how his mother could benefit from professional therapy. She’s not though, and the reason made me so sad; she can’t afford it.

Another friend was on the phone earlier this week. She’s so unhappy in her job. When she started a year ago, she was very excited by this new world opening up to her, but now she’d rather leave today than tomorrow. But she can’t, because she doesn’t have any savings.

My mom wasn’t a great parent, but she taught me two things. One, don’t be scared, just do it, and two, always have your own money. She saved quite a bit during her marriage, and when I begged her at 13 years old to get a divorce, she paid my dad a bunch of money so that she and I could keep living where we were. When she wanted a divorce, at least money wasn’t an issue. Later on, that same lesson helped me to make certain choices in life as well, and it still does.

For me, the goal isn’t to retire early. The goal is to have options whenever I’m in a situation I need to get out of. Sure, money isn’t always going to save you, but in many cases, at least it allows you to literally buy your way out. Knowing that, I can’t wait to reach my €10K emergency fund. According to my big (overly ambitious) plan, I should be able to have it by this summer. Fingers crossed that everything will go right until then.

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