5 easy ways to save money on food

January 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

When I started tracking my expenses back in August ’18, I realised that I was spending a lot of money on food. Way more than necessary. If I wanted to save money, this was a category in which I could make a significant difference. Now it’s a few months later and I’m happy to share …

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Having money means having options and the freedom to choose.

Money equals options

January 7, 2019

Just an hour ago a friend left my place. He opened up about his family and how his mother could benefit from professional therapy. She’s not though, and the reason made me so sad; she can’t afford it. Another friend was on the phone earlier this week. She’s so unhappy in her job. When she […]

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When you're cutting expenses, you may decide on some big changes.

Cutting expenses: time for the big changes

December 31, 2018

The less you spend, the more you can save. The higher your savings rate, the quicker you’ll reach financial independence. When starting my FIRE journey back in August, I made various small changes to cut expenses, but for 2019, it’s time to take it to the next level. It’s very simple: the gap between your […]

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I started tracking my expenses and even though I THOUGHT I was aware of where my money went, I really wasn't. What an eye opener!

What I learned from tracking my expenses

September 10, 2018

Mid-August of this year, my interest in savings rates, investing and FIRE was sparked. Spending less and earning more, that was supposed to be the main trick. Making more money didn’t seem that impossible to me. I always see chances for new clients and side hustles. I wanted to know how much I could decrease […]

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I got interested in FIRE when looking for retirement ideas as a freelancer.

Why I got interested in FIRE

September 8, 2018

‘Never having to work again’ is something that sounds very appealing to many people. At the same time, to most of those people, it also seems completely unachievable. However, according to the FIRE movement, it’s not! FIRE stands for Financial Independence & Retiring Early and the term appears more and more in mainstream media. It’s […]

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